CNC Milling of Aluminum


With our extensive knowledge of aluminum, we at Almexa A/S are specialists in CNC milling of aluminum. As our machines are CNC controlled, we can produce highly complex aluminum components of high quality for all industries. We are an experienced supplier of milled aluminum, and our close cooperation with surface treatment providers and other subcontractors enables us to deliver complete and customized total solutions to our customers in Denmark and abroad.

CNC Milling

When we work with CNC milling of aluminum, we can create almost any type of component. Our machines are constantly updated and optimized to always meet the latest standards and deliver the best products to our diverse customers. We perform CNC milling of aluminum for several different industries – including yours. Our employees are also continuously trained in CNC milling so that we can handle your project quickly and efficiently.


25 years of experience

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS We always focus on dialogue with our customers to meet your expectations. Therefore, as a starting point, no task is too big or too small. We prioritize consultation with our customers, so all orders can be executed with the customer’s wishes and needs in mind. Would you like to be our new consultation partner? We would be happy to provide ideas and prepare a proposal for collaboration.

LEARN MORE ABOUT CNC MILLING Would you like to know more about CNC milling of aluminum and what we can offer at Almexa A/S? Do not hesitate to contact us! No matter where your company is located, we are ready to advise and answer any questions so we can find the perfect solution for your project.